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Famous Urdu Writers & Their Books


Ashfaq Ahmad A Hameed Altaf Fatima Amjad Islam A. Nadeem Qasmi Abu Yahya Abdullah Hussain Bano Qudsia
Baba M Yahya Ghulam Abbas Gulzar Hashim Nadeem Jaun Elia Kishwar Naheed Khadija Mastoor Mumtaz Mufti
Mushtaq A. Yusufi Mustansar Tarar Nemrah Ahmed Prof. A. R Akhtar Quratulain H Qasim Ali Shah Qudrat U. Shahab Razia Butt
Riaz Aqib Kohlar Sabir Choudhary Saadat H. Manto Sumaira Hameed Shaukat Siddiqui Umaira Ahmed Wasif Ali Wasif Younus Butt | Original English Books

Rs. 395
Rs. 356
Rs. 1995
Rs. 1796
Rs. 1195
Rs. 1076
Rs. 795
Rs. 716
Rs. 795
Rs. 716

Pakistan A Dream Gone Sour
By: Roedad Khan


The Selfish Gene
By: Richard Dawkins


But You Don't Look Like A Muslim
By: Rakhshanda Jalil


The Reconstruction..
By: Allama Muhammad Iqbal


Questioning The 'Muslim Woman'
By: Nida Kirmani

Rs. 695
Rs. 626
Rs. 595
Rs. 536
Rs. 795
Rs. 716
Rs. 945
Rs. 851
Rs. 1195
Rs. 1076

Rich Brother Rich Sister
By: Robert Kiyosaki


How to Love ... of Life
By: Sally-Anne Hurley


The Man Who Thought Different
By: Karen Blumenthal


The Mister
By: E. L. James


The Sensational ..... Baloch
By: Sanam Maher

Rs. 1195
Rs. 1076
Rs. 750
Rs. 675
Rs. 995
Rs. 896
Rs. 600
Rs. 540
Rs. 795
Rs. 716

Game Changer
By: Shahid Afridi


Melody Of A Tear
By: Haroon Khalid Akhtar


The Man Who Thought Different
By: Karen Blumenthal


Competitive Essays
By: Nasir Jamal Shah


Pathan Unarmed
By: Mukulika Banerjee

Rs. 2000
Rs. 995
Rs. 395
Rs. 356
Rs. 1500
Rs. 1350
Rs. 995
Rs. 896
Rs. 1200
Rs. 960

The Classics
By: Caroline Taggart


By: Tehmina Durrani


From Kargil To The Coup
By: Nasim Zehra


Train to Pakistan
By: Khushwant Singh


The Murder of History
By: K. K. Aziz

Rs. 895
Rs. 806
Rs. 1295
Rs. 1166
Rs. 2175
Rs. 1958
Rs. 1395
Rs. 1256
Rs. 995
Rs. 896

Governing the Ungovernable
By: Ishrat Husain


Issues in Pakistan's Economy
By: S. Akbar Zaidi


Constitutional .... of Pakistan
By: Hamid Khan


Rethinking Pakistan
By: Bilal Zahoor


Zulfi Bhutto of Pakistan
By: Stanley Wolpert | Original Urdu Books

Rs. 795
Rs. 636
Rs. 1100
Rs. 880
Rs. 995
Rs. 796
Rs. 2685
Rs. 2148
Rs. 900
Rs. 720

Raja Gidh
By: Bano Qudsia

Jannat Ky Pattay
By: Nimrah Ahmed

By: Umaira Ahmed

By: Ashfaq Ahmad

Ghaar-E-Hira Main Aik Raat
By: Mustansar H. Tarar
Rs. 900
Rs. 720
Rs. 750
Rs. 600
Rs. 1800
Rs. 1440
Rs. 1500
Rs. 1000
Rs. 800
Rs. 640

Beli Rajputan Ki Malika
By: Nimrah Ahmed

By: Nimrah Ahmed

Manto Numa
By: Saadat H. Manto

By: Nimrah Ahmed

Khuda Aur Mohabbat
By: Hashim Nadeem
Rs. 700
Rs. 560
Rs. 395
Rs. 316
Rs. 300
Rs. 240
Rs. 1400
Rs. 1120
Rs. 400
Rs. 320

Aik Mohabbat Aur Sahi
By: Hashim Nadeem

By: Tehmina Daultana

By: John Alia

Shahaab Namah
By: Qudrat Ullah Shahab

By: Mumtaz Mufti

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