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Welcome to's Rent A Book Service for Karachi
Online Book Store is an initiative of It was officially founded on Friday, December 15, 2017 and emerging as the ‘Most Trusted Online Book Store in Pakistan’ because of its core values i.e. Trust | Quality Services | Lowest Rates. leads by the team of professionals. The purpose of taking this initiative was to encourage youth to read books and assist them in getting the quality ones at lowest rates. At, you can get variety of books that includes Islamic, English and Urdu (Fiction, Non-fiction), Current Affairs etc with complete satisfaction. has taken another initiative i.e. "Rent A Book" service for Karachi in October 2018 in which people of Karachi can get any book of his or her choice in just Rs. 10. Here are the 'Frequently Asked Questions' by our valued members:-
1. What is the rent of each book?
The rent of each book in just Rs. 10.
2. What is the duration of rental period?
 The duration of rental period is 1 month starting from the day you take book on rent and ending on the last day of each month.
3. Which books are included in this service?
All the books that are available at including English and Urdu
4. Is this service limited to specific areas?
Yes. Initially has started this service for Karachi only. If all goes well, will start it for entire Pakistan
5. What is the procedure of availing this service?
You will have to fill the registration form that can be obtained by sending an email at
6. Is there any membership or registration fees?
No. There is no membership or registration fees. It is absolutely FREE.
7. How many books I can take on rent in a month?
Unlimited or as much as you want. There is no limit. However, you will have to confirm the availability of books with in stock.
8. How will send me the books?
The desired books will be dispatched to the customers through Pakistan Post UMS service.
9. How much time it will take to deliver the books?
Usually the Pakistan Post UMS service takes 2-3 working days.
10. For example, if I order books on November 10, 2018 then when I will have to return?
November 30th i.e. the last day of month.
11. What will be the delivery charges?
It depends upon the weight of books that you order but usually it is under Rs. 100.
12. What is the process of returning books?
On the last day of month, representative will visit your given address and handover you the bill i.e. Rental Charges (Rs. 10 for each book) and Delivery Charges (of Pakistan Post). You will have to give the amount and books that you took on rent. That's it.
13. Do I need to renew my membership on monthly basis?
No. There is no need to renew the membership. Once you become the member, you will remain the member unless membership is cancelled by the

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