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Terms and Conditions ~ Please read before you place an order
  1. Regarding the nature of book
Clause 1: Is it original or locally printed book? has both i.e. locally printed as well as original books. Most of the English Collection Books, cost upto Rs. 250, are locally printed as original books cannot be available in this price. It is the responsibility of our valued customer to make sure the ordered book is original or locally printed edition. Once the parcel is confirmed, it cannot be cancelled by says, 'I was thinking it is original book'. Please note, original books cannot be available in this price i.e. Rs. 250.

2. Refund and/or return policy
Clause 2.1: What if there is any fault in the book? is 100% committed to deliver you the best quality books (either it is original or locally printed) available in the market. We have ‘quality assurance team’ who check each book thoroughly before we dispatch to the customer. However, human error cannot be ignored. If you still observe any fault (i.e. misprinting, open binding, damage pages) in the books that you received, please let us know within 24 hours of receiving parcel through our Official Facebook page. will give you 100% refund (without any deduction) within 24 hours through Bank Transfer / Easy Paisa (whichever is suitable). will be happy to change it only, if the fresh copy is available in the stock AND if you show the enough patience (as exchanging book will take time).

Clause 2.2: What if you receive the wrong parcel or book(s)? is 100% committed to deliver you the best services. However, human error cannot be ignored. In case, you receive the wrong parcel or few of the wrong books, will replace (it may take few more days) it free of cost OR return you the amount (if you are unable to wait) without any deduction. Please note, will decide which option to go based on the circumstances i.e. either to return or refund.

3. Delivery time & possible cause of delay
Clause 3.1: What is the delivery time?. Can it be delayed?.

Please note, doesn't deliver the books at his own but instead we use the 3rd party services. Their T&C applies. Delivery time is 5 working days maximum that doesn't includes Sunday or any public holidays or the day on which you place an order. Your shipment (parcel) may be delayed, and will not be responsible, if

  • Your given contact number is switched off and/or out of reach. Please make sure, your given number is activated.
  • Your given address is incomplete. Please make sure, your given address is complete.
  • There is any unavoidable circumstances that includes rain, law-and-order situation etc.
4. Things to make sure before placing order
Clause 4.1: Do I need to make sure anything before ordering through

Yes. Please make sure the following things before placing an order:-

  • Know about the type of book that you're ordering i.e. locally printed or the original one?
  • You have enough patience to wait for 5 working days maximum?
  • Your given address in correct and complete?
  • Your given address is not in cantonment area as courier company has no access to it (READ FAQs 16)?
  • Your given address is residential one (not the office or shop address) as courier company may deliver during evening time?.
  • Your given contact number is activated as courier person may need to call you in case of any trouble in tracing address?
5. Things to make sure after receiving order
Clause 5.1: Do I need to make sure anything after receiving order from

Please make sure the following things after receiving an order:-

  • Let us know when you receive the parcel at earliest
  • Check the book(s) for any possible fault (i.e. misprinting, open binding, paper damaged)
  • Let us know, if there is any fault in the book, within 24 hours of receiving parcel through our Official Facebook page
  • Provide us your valuable feedback as it will help us improve our services
IMPORTANT: Please note, those who didn't bother to acknowledge after receiving parcels (despite reminders by will not be provided any services in future.
6. Possibility of not receiving parcel
Clause 6.1: Is there any possibility that I won't receive my parcel?.

Once your order is confirmed by the, you will receive it within 5 working days maximum. However, in the following cases, your parcel might be cancelled and will not be responsible if,

  • Courier company is unable to trace your given address
  • You didn't pick up the call from courier company
IMPORTANT: Please note, if the parcel is returned to us (due to any above mentioned reasons), it is neither the customer's nor the courier company's lost. It is the financial lost to only as courier company deduct charges for their service cost. So, please cooperate. has policy 'not to provide services' to those whose parcels are returned due to any above reasons.

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